Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Sales Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

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Entry level sales interview questions and answers: The trickiest interview is normally the sales interview. This is because you have to sell yourself to the interviewer! I recommend you read some articles I have written that will help you before we look at sales interview questions and answers for freshers.

The first one is about Preparing for an Interview and the other one is about important 5 Interview Tips: Before You Go For The Job Interview. These are articles will give you a good head start before we look at the sales interview questions and answers for freshers.

Interview questions
Interview questions

In these articles, we have emphasized the importance of body language, tonal variation and persuasion during job interviews. As you go through these interview questions you need to remember that they are just a guide. Use your own situation to answer the questions effectively.

Entry level sales Interview Questions and Answers

As a candidate going for an interview you must know the answer to why are you interested in sales? You need to sell yourself, your qualifications for the job, and show the interviewer that you have the ability required. Below you will find entry level sales interview questions and answers that will assist you while preparing for an interview.

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It’s important, as you look at sales interview questions and answers for freshers, review them and frame your responses based on your own qualifications, skills, product knowledge, achievements, including your sales experiences. Remember to give concrete examples of your sales achievements during the interviews. Don’t assume that the employer has already read your CV. Let them hear your achievements, skills and potential directly from you.

Sales Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Here are some of entry level sales interview questions and answers. As you go through them, tailor your responses to reflect the company’s products, services, and goals.  Let’s now look at the interview questions and answers for sales and marketing.

1.     What makes you a good sales person?

This question is mainly used to evaluate your skills and experience in that capacity.

Make sure you tie Your Skills to your Experience and highlight what makes you excel in sales. Your answers should be specific and verifiable from previous employment.

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Best Answer example

I am very detail oriented, and that helps me in sales in many ways. I make sure that I know everything there is to know about the product I’m selling, so that I can answer any questions a customer may have to their satisfaction. Also, i like to know my territory in and out, and I like to find out about my customers personally, so I can better serve them.

2.     What interests you most about this sales position?

Take advantage of this question as an opportunity to showcase your skills. While answering, display your knowledge of the company and discuss why you want to sell their specific products or services. Let them know your understanding of the company’s product and sales strategies. Emphasize how it relates to your past experience, using examples appropriately

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Best Answer example

Having worked in this territory for many years, i would welcome the opportunity to use my contacts and experience selling a superior product such as this.

3.     Have you consistently met your sales goals?

It’s important to prepare in advance to be able to answer this sales question satisfactorily. use numbers to quantify your answers especially your success where necessary. explain how you met your sales goals in the past maybe through a strategy, synergy or team work. This will enable employer understand your skills. Don’t be negative or give repelling answers.

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Best Answer example

I have always met or exceeded my professional sales goals, and most often my personal ones too, especially during the last few years. With my experience I have learned to set my personal goals at an attainable level that is very high but not unreachable.

4.     Sell me this pen?

Here the employer will want to test and see if you can sell, your sales pitch,  strategies and techniques. Whatever object you are asked to sell eg. pen, a pencil, a stapler, an apple. The employer is interested in the sales process, your verbal communication skills, and your enthusiasm and creativity. Ensure you sell yourself well.

Important tip: Don’t sell the pen, sell the post-sale benefits, and don’t simply list the attributes, find out what the potential buyer is looking for.

Sales Interview Questions and Answers
Sales Interview Questions and Answers

While selling the pen, be positive and enthusiastic. Emphasize the Features the Interviewer Will Value. The important part of the selling process is getting to know your customer. Therefore, start by asking him/her What is important to you when selecting a pen?” “What do you usually write with?”

Above are some of the entry level sales interview questions and answers for freshers. We believe that these sales interview tips will help you as you prepare for the job interview.