Preparing for an interview using 5 simple steps

Preparing for an Interview with 5 simple steps

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Let’s look at effective ways for Preparing for an interview using 5 simple steps. First, with few opportunities available today in the job market one need to prepare well before any job interview.  Given the above, preparing for an interview is a must. It’s important to note that most candidates who you will be competing at the interview are qualified.

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Most job seekers go for interviews prepared with answers to common interview questions. However, there is one technique that will separate you from the rest. That is crafting winning interview stories.  Research shows that candidates who use compelling storied to demonstrate their value are the ones who are most likely to get the job. Therefore, preparing for an interview is vital. Here are Common Interview Questions and Answers.

To beat this competition and nail the interview. Make sure you have the three Cs required for an interview. Competence, Compatibility and Chemistry.

Preparing for an interview using 5 simple steps

Preparing for an interview using 5 simple steps
Preparing for an interview using 5 simple steps

If you have control of setting the meeting date give yourself enough time like five working days to prepare. However, if the interview date is fixed then so the following.


  1. Do through homework about the company that have invited you for the interview. Pull every article you can find about the organization, study and dissect them. Use the internet and organization website to obtain deep information including annual reports etc. Gather also information about their competitors to know what they are doing. Thereafter craft a master list of questions about the organization from the information you’ve found.


  1. If you know someone from the company, ask politely about the upcoming interview. In case you know nobody, use contacts you have in competing organizations to get their input about the company. If possible, take them out at night for a drink or dinner. Use this opportunity to learn about current affairs, initiatives, policies, management structure etc. Canvasing for a job might lead to disqualification, be careful on how you interact and obtain this information.


  1. Review the common interview questions and answers. look at the company history, strategic plan, reports and competitive insights. Rehearse every day until exactly fifteen hours before your interview. It’s important to change the answers a bit to reflect your own situation. Do this in relation to the master list you developed earlier. This is the time to craft winning interview stories. Do this by using a technique called SOAR (Situation, Obstacles, actions, results). Don’t just tell an employer “I am a good accountant” show it. That will make you look real and genuine. Use the compelling stories to demonstrate your value. Here are50 Typical Job Interview Questions Asked by Employers

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  1. Write down your goal. Phrase your goal in a way that is very specific to the organization. “My goal is to land a job as head of Sales at the ABC Organization, and to make Ksh. 2.8M a year.” The salary will be based on your research about the organization. Research show that writing down goals helps people achieve them faster.


  1. Now it’s time to decide which outfit you will wear to avoid any tough decisions at the last minute. Make sure your outfit is pulled together and appropriate for your job interview. On the interview day, shower, brush your teeth, and have clean, well-kempt nails and hair. Look at yourself in front of the mirror to make sure you are properly dressed before you enter the interview room.

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Preparing for an interview using our 5 simple steps will help you answer interview questions and answers effectively.

Now that you are preparing for an interview, don’t forget to smile and use your charm to win the interview panel.